Tabajara V5 – Forex Trading Indicator

Metatrader 5 variation of the popular Andre Machado’s Tabajara sign. If you do not understand Andre Machado’s Technical Analysis work you do not require this indication …

For those who require it and for those numerous buddy traders who asked this porting from other platforms, here it is …


8-period Moving Average
20-period Moving Average
50-period Moving Average
200-period Moving Average
Colored candle lights according to the inflexion of the 20-period MA


You can alter the Period of all MA’s.
You can alter the color, width and design of all MA’s.
You can alter the color of the candle lights.

What is Forex?
What is Forex?


Prior to using the indication, prepare your design with the base color for your candle lights. Just the candle lights impacted by the guidelines of the approach will alter colors, the rest will stay with the colors set by the design residential or commercial properties (right-click on the chart and pick PROPERTIES > COLORS).

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