Joe So Easy v1.0

Joe So Easy v1.0 is a simple, easy to use forex trading system that allows you to trade the euro vs. dollar and other pairs including all the assets with just a few clicks of your mouse. This system has been thoroughly tested and has shown to be profitable over the last 12 months in both normal and volatile markets.

The way this system works is by using two moving averages to identify trend reversals, which then triggers an entry signal on our indicators candlestick charting software.

The first moving average used is a 8 period exponential moving average (EMA). This EMA is used as our main trend identification tool because it reacts faster than other types of moving averages such as simple or weighted (SMA or WMA).

The second moving average is simple moving average but instead of being 8 periods it’s set at 50 days or more for long term trades and about 30 days for short term trades.

This helps us identify when there are large swings in price action when compared to our main trend identification tool which only reacts slowly due to its short term nature of 10 periods or less.

Thanks for your purchase, click the button below to download your indicator, use winrar to extract your indicator file, if you don’t winrar head to to download it. You have one indicator as a gift included, that indicator will help you avoid false signals, it’s called Lagurre.

Download Joe So Easy v1.0 Here!

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