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Auto support and resistance indicator, are you tired of drawing Support & Resistance levels for your Quotes? Are you learning how to spot Support & Resistances? No matter what is your case, Auto Support & Resistances will draw those levels for you! And, it can draw them from other timeframes, right into you current chart, no matter what timeframe you are using…

Auto support and resistance

Auto Support and Resistance

With support and resistant trading always made simple, support and resistant have proven a lot of positive result over the years in the financial market,

You can also Agglutinate regions/zones that are too much closer to each other and turning them into one single Support & Resistance Level. All configurable.

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Auto Support and Resistance


  • Timeframe to analyze and draw Support & Resistance lines from.
  • How many past days should be analyzed. 0 = no past days, only present day.
  • Agglutinate lines closer the N ticks from each other. (the last/fresher one wins the Price position on the chart)
  • Line color
  • Line style
  • Line width
Auto Support and Resistance

Please note

That when the market is closed, several Brokers/Metatrader servers do not update ticks from other timeframes apart from the current one used on your chart, so if you try to use a different timeframe inside the Indicador while the market is closed, no lines will be plotted…

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Auto Support and Resistance | Best Beginners Indicator

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