About me, hi name is Joseph Benson, I am an Architect, forex trader, blogger, YouTuber, affiliate marketer and Ultralight helicopter enthusiast, I dedicate this blog to help as many people as posible and to educate people about the opportunity in the forex market and how anyone can make a living out of it! I am an Author, a speaker, an inventor, learning from me is not a problem, just ask! and follow.

Joseph Benson

From hobby to reality

Back in 2008 I always wanted to be financially free, I started searching and doing a lot of research online then I discover a forex blog just like this one you are reading right now! I started the journey of learning forex trading and how it works, two years later my story change for good! you can do it! only if you believe!

I started from 3 figure now 6 figure trader yes! then the love and passion for ultralight helicopter never stop, until in November 2019 I invented my 1 crew ultralight helicopter called Benson B1 Helicopter, running on 4 cylinders straight reciprocating petrol engine, with 6400 RPM and 84kw of power, torque is 138Nm in Nigeria, you can do it only if you believe.